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Slide Transitions

Hello Screenly OSE community!

I was wondering if any of you have had any luck making smooth transitions between slides?

Normally when you upload image assets and set them to be on, Screenly just hard cuts from one to the other. I believe I understand that the paid version has slide transitions, but I didn’t know if anyone had figured anything out for OSE.

I have tried making a Google Slides show and adding it in with both the “publish” and the “embed” links. However, Screenly’s web browser does not appear to support the slide transitions. It works fine in Google Chrome and in an incognito window. But when Screenly loads the page, the transitions are gone.

The only thing I have gotten to work is making a slide show in Powerpoint or Google Slides and creating a screen recording of the slide show with the transitions. Uploading to Screenly then, of course, just plays the whole thing as a video. However, this method does not allow easily making tweaks to the content as you would have to re-record and upload the entire slideshow.

Please let me know if anyone else has any ideas or ways to do transitions!

Thank you!