This software should not be this hard

I regret having to express this, but it appears as if the open-source project is intentionally being hindered, possibly to push everyone towards the paid product. It’s important for Screenly to recognize that if the open-source application functions effectively, it’s likely that users seeking additional features will naturally transition to the next level. However, if the basic, free product is unreliable and plagued with issues after each iteration, making it feel unstable, then, at least from my perspective, it becomes necessary to explore alternative solutions."

Hi @fizq,

Could you please share the issue you are facing, as an open-source community can try raise issues, and try to fix them and that’s how the open-source ecosystem grows.

I think the big one here is the raspberry pi imager having an outdated and broken anthias build. If it was updated to literally do the process outlined in multiple places on this forum (downloading the rasbian bullseye 64-bit lite, running a bash curl command to pull the anthias image, ect…) then it would reduce a pretty big barrier for 90% of people.