Where is the rPi 4 image?

I’m reading the intro page on github and it links to

what the heck is WebView and QTWebEngine? I’m just looking for the rPi image for screenly OSE. I noticed there was 2020-07-17-Screenly-OSE.zip under sprint release 10.1 but it looks super old. (July 2020). Is that the latest one? if not, where does one find the latest one?

I had a look inside the qt5-5.15.2-buster-pi4.tar.gz archive and it doesn’t look like a linux OS image - just a bunch of folders.

I’m confused.

+1… help please


+2… I can’t get OSE to work on R Pi 4 B.

I have the same question. I wasn’t able to install Sceenly Ose on rPi 4. I got some rPi 3 running but got some problems with some web page so I tried on rPi 4 but doesn’t work at all. Maybe QT, QTWebEngine and WebView are updates but didn’t find how to install it. If somebody could answer these questions.