Will this install on non raspberry pi computer

Hello will this software work on hardware other then raspberry pi?

I apparently need more power as the slide show i try to display never loads. This is installed on a raspberry pi 4 with 4 gigs RAM and i cannot get my slides to load. The page just sits there. I dont know where to look for log files.

I have a few Lenovo mini PCs that have more CPU and RAM than a Pi4.

The slide show is about 10 megabytes


It’s not something that is supported. That said, it should definitely be possible, but would require some engineering work.

Would love to know if you can get it working on a different device, but as for your other problem, there is a common issue with image size being off. I had the same problem and i fixed it by enforcing that images all be the same required size (I cannot remember what size that was though, sorry!)

Thanks Nick, i have volunteers at our church adding the content and they dont know how to resize stuff. I have tried to teach them.

I am trying the pisignage product on the same Raspberry Pi 4 and it is able to handle the large amount of data. So after 10+ years of using screenly ose i am going to try out this Pi signage project.


10 years is probably not right… 7 or so… anyway it has been a long time. :slight_smile:

I need to get video streaming to work in pisignage and call the assets with their API to change then we start live streaming content to load the stream. If they can do that then they will match all the features i was using in screenly ose.