Asset Flickering Issue with Anthias on Raspberry Pi 4

I’m having issue with Anthias with assets flickering with transitions. In particular I have a site with slides that auto move that auto transition. I had this issue both installing Raspbian lite, then Anthias onto the Raspberry Pi, as well as directly flashing Anthias onto the microsd.

I tried out the website on in Raspbian, in Chromium browser, the site doesn’t have any flickering issues, but did with every instance of Anthias I’ve tried. I’ve tried lowering the resolution to 480p, and 720p, tried on different TVs, and monitors. Enabled, and disabled overscan, adjusted the refresh rate, hdmi pulling type, etc. and nothing has fixed this issue.

This is on a Raspberry Pi 4 using a UHS Class 3/Class 10 Micro SD card