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Default Asset Duration

I think the default asset duration / play for should be changed to Forever instead of 1 month since I literally just experienced this where I had not used some assets for more than a month and every time I pressed ON nothing would happen, and I was like what is going on… then I realized that the Play for was defaulted to one month and it had expired, but yet I wanted all these Assets to play until i manually deleted them.
Basically, I think defaulting to an expiring date is not the proper choice.

@ealmonte32 Yes, i think that is a sensible feature. Technically speaking, there is no such thing as “forever,” but making the end time to something like 10 years into the future should suffice i believe.

Yeah I meant that the option you currently have labeled “Forever” which sets the year to “9999” should suffice as the “Forever” setting.

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