Image is displayed for longer than expected

I tested to have 7 (three Pi 4 and four Pi 3) screens set up showing a specific image between 9-11 (only today as in start and end time) in the morning, and then going on to show some other images. The image that was supposed to show between those hours had a duration set for 7200 seconds. Around 11 two of them changed (a few minutes between), one of the Pi 4s and one of the Pi 3s. The others are just still showing the image they should only show between 9-11.

How would you suggest I set it up to work like this? Should I set it to 7190 seconds, giving it a 10 second wiggle room?

Also, for some reason i couldn’t connect to the 6th one, so I pulled the power cable and put it back in again. It’s stuck on the Balena logo, and that’s it. What’s weird is that I can connect to it now, like it’s actually working, which it’s clearly not.

…And another thing, I’ve tried to shut them all down, but they are all stuck at a single image. I can still browse to them and click around, but nothing really happens on the screens.

I think you’re using the duration field incorrectly. Duration is the intended length the asset displays while it’s cycling through multiple assets. If you want an asset to persist for the 9-11 time frame you need to declare that in the scheduling section. Then set the other assets to display during the other times.

Thank you for your reply! So how would I go about showing other images at all other hours, except for some special occasions when I’d like to show just one image on all?

I thought you were going to ask that question. . . :wink:

I don’t think there’s an easy solution to create that schedule. I guess you could duplicate assets and give them different schedules on either side of the 9-11 timeframe, but if this is going to be a daily schedule that is going to get really challenging to manage. It might be easier to just deactivate the other assets manually at 9 o’clock and reactivate them at 11. But that would be a headache to do for 7 units everyday.

I’m a new user here so maybe one of the veterans will have a better suggestion.


The only way to do this would be with the API.
On the bottom of the Anthias Web GUI there is a link to the API for that local Pi.
There is currently a small bug that tries to connect to the API with https rather than http, so when you get the “Failed to load API definition” just change the address on the field from https to http and click Explore.

Example with https:

With proper http:

To accomplish something like you are trying to do requires some knowledge of scripting and some knowledge of using curl to POST commands to the Pi.
Basically, one way I can see this being done is you need to have a script that runs from a cron job at the specific times you want, like “” and one “” which cron of the host runs and these scripts basically send the curl command that activates and deactivates the {asset_id} of the assets you want showing and deactivating the ones you dont want showing.

All this is obviously out of scope for me to do it for you so I am just giving you the pathway to take so that you at least know what direction to take with this scenario you want to have.